Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sharing the Creative Spirit.

At the beginning of August, I attended the AGM of Eastwood Quilters in Sydney to give a presentation about the Twelve by Twelve project. With more than 50 quilts in tow (admittedly most were 12x12in), I made quite a sight as I travelled to the city by train.  Then I found out that the group was also sharing quilts from their very own group challenge.  Inspired by our example and after visiting the exhibition of our Theme series at Gosford in 2010, the Tuesday group of Eastwood Quilters set up 12x12 project and announced the following challenges upfront:
  1. Bird, 
  2. Flower, 
  3. Music
  4. Window
  5. Re-cycle
  6. Lighthouse
  7. In the Cupboard
  8. Lost & Found
  9. Tree
  10. Smells from the Kitchen
  11. Everything Old is New Again
  12. Butterflies
12x12 Challenge Quilts by Carmel Issacs and Kay Murray
Kay Murray created her own personal series incorporating storybook themes

12x12 quilts by Mayke Waddell and Susan Lindsay
Susan Rowe has completed all 12 challenges
More quilts by Susan Rows
Thank you to Eastwood Quilters for sharing their creative spirit and inviting me to share my work. Thank you too for these beautiful pink cyclamen that survived the train trip home.
If your group is has been inspired by the Twelve by Twelve International Art Quilt Challenge and has an online presence, contact us and we will add your group to the list of Friends & Followers in our blog sidebar..