Sunday, August 26, 2012

Making of a Maverick

If you thought that the person choosing the challenge theme would know exactly how to proceed, think again. Here we are, half way through the challenge period, and I am still consolidating my ideas.

I did flirt with the biographical slant. Perhaps a purple, green and white homage to the suffragettes who were instrumental in making New Zealand women the first in the world with the right to vote. However, I think I will take a different tack. "Different" being the operative word.

Mavericks often defy the rules. They are non-conformists; they are unconventional; they are different. As the Sesame Street refrain goes, "one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong..."

There are maverick people; there is maverick behaviour; there are maverick moments in nature. I have several ideas. In the meantime, the original meaning of maverick goes back to in in unbranded cattle. As it happens, I have an affinity with brands. After all, the name "Brenda" is Teutonic for firebrand or flaming sword. Here is my improvisational, firebrand quilt:


Kristin L said...

I do like those firebrand fabrics and colors!

Renate said...

I can see theses firebrands being used on a ranch whose name could be the "squared double bar" Love where your thought process is taking you.

Karen said...

Now you've got me completely rethinking my idea for this challenge!