Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today is the day I made my start on my Metamorphosis quilt.  
I had been thinking about a couple of different ideas going into this challenge and one of them I felt much more passionate about. 
I envisioned what I wanted my quilt to look like and dove right sketches....just images in my head. 
I'm trying some new things with this quilt. I hope it turns out like I want it to but I'll keep an open attitude and roll with the process. I am finding that I am enjoying this round where we don't have to work in just one color scheme.


Kristin L said...

I see growth! I'm liking your layers and look forward to seeing the finished piece.

Gerrie said...

I think Terri is having a metamorphosis of her own!! Yummilicious.

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Has this work been exhibited yet? Or do you put these pics on here before it goes on public display? I'm just toying with the idea of whether or not I should show images of my work before they go in an exhibition.

Brenda said...

Hi Sarah, you have raised an interesting issue. This is a very brief reply.

As a group, we decided early on that we would share insights into our work in progress along the way but save showing the entire completed work until the designated challenge "reveal" date. Part of our whole raison d'etre has been to share our progress and completed work with each other online and for others to share in this process. So yes, our challenge works have been
widely available online prior to our first exhibition (in April 2010) and even before publication of our book.

Speaking personally, for my non-Twelve by Twelve works, I do not tend to show them online until after first exhibition or publication. I do this to
preserve flexibility because many (but by no means all) exhibitions and galleries exclude works that have previously been shown to the public.

Other Twelves may have further comments and insights.

Nikki said...

Terri, I am very intrigued! I, too, am loving the layers.