Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Metamorphosis in My Yard

I made a start at my metamorphosis piece, and it didn't really match was I was hoping for in my head. The computer wouldn't save my work either, so I took that as a sign I was on the wrong track. Sigh.

However, as I was looking through my photos I ran across a metamorphosis softie project from a few years ago. I blogged about the project here. I guess some themes are rather timeless.

First, the caterpillar looks like bird poop. Then it changes to instar stage, which is fat and green. My ruched softie zips into a larger "instar" bag.

The instar is my favorite stage.

From the instar stage the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis. Our chrysalis is a patchwork bag that holds all the smaller components.

Out of the chrysalis emerges a beautiful butterfly. Ours has a little pouch on it's belly that holds a pompom egg so that the process can start all over again.

Enjoy a small slideshow of our backyard metamorphosis as well:


natsumi nishizumi said...

What a great idea! Your caterpillar and butterfly are gorgeous!

Deborah Boschert said...

Wow. You were do diligent in getting all those photographs. Benjamin and I enjoyed the slide show! Of course the softie is genius!

Renate said...

How beautiful! Not unlike the metamorphosis of the "Ugly Duckling" to the Stunning Swan.

Karen said...

Very cute Kristin

Lucky said...

Nice designs...