Friday, December 2, 2011

STITCHED Workshops!

I am thrilled to tell you that two of the 12x12 artists (Deborah and Nikki) are instructors in the new STITCHED collection of online video workshops!

Join Deborah in exploring botanical shapes, textures and patterns! She'll share her process for creating a collage incorporating fabric, machine and hand stitching, and a variety of unexpected materials and techniques. You’ll choose your own fabrics, compose an original design and experiment with layers of detail. I’ll teach ways to add personal design to your fabrics with painted patterns. We’ll use simple construction techniques, then enhance your collage with a variety of unusual materials and interesting embellishments. Plus, I’ll share tons of fun embroidery stitches to add more detail. Check out more images and details on Deborah's blog.

Nikki's workshop is titled "Mini Treasure Box of Dreams."

In Nikki's workshop we will make these Mini Treasure Boxes of Dreams.  We will explore my quirky method of backwards quilting, make fabric paper, secretly share our dreams and wishes on some fabric beads, and share the big secret of sewing these boxes 100% on the machine.   Plus I couldn't resist throwing in some extras, like Treasure Tea Boxes and Nesting Boxes. Read more about it on Nikki's blog.

I think Nikki and I would both say that being a part of 12x12 made a huge positive impact on our artistic lives! We're both thrilled to find ourselves exploring this new endeavor of online video teaching. We hope you'll join us!


freelance writing said...

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Terri Stegmiller said...

Both of your workshops look like a lot of fun. Enjoy your online teaching experience!