Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another connection

One fourth of the twelves at the Cadillac Cafe in Portland, Oregon.
Karen was in Portland for a family wedding and despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays we managed to find a time when Gerrie, Karen and I could sit down together for breakfast. Gerrie and Karen had met earlier at Diane's when Helen was there, but this was my chance to meet our talented and warm-hearted Karen! Again, I am struck by how much it is like getting together with an old friend and how much of our personalities have come through on the blog and the emails and in our work. We had a great visit, then got to meet Karen's husband, daughter and son-in-law, who had been banished to another part of the restaurant. The truth is they would have been bored by all our "book" talk and besides her husband said they did not know the "secret twelve handshake."
What a treat to start the New Year!


Rayna said...

Karen is great! I spent high-quality time with her when I taught in SoCal last year and enjoyed every minute of her company. She took care of me very well and I got to see her studio space, which is super. Most memorable meal: Tito's Tacos on the way to the airport. The web that connects us all is getting stronger and stronger - I love it!

Karen said...

Thanks Rayna, you were really fun yourself. Terry I wanted to post this on my blog, but my picture is really blurry so I'm glad you posted.

Gerrie said...

Rayna is always a lot of fun, virtually or in person.