Monday, September 14, 2009

Drawing Board

I am also back to the drawing board (as Kristin mentioned in her post below).

First I was totally hyped up to do a quilt with a background of a 12 patch quilt block. Then I realized that pieced blocks don't really come in 12 patches. Duh. Tons of 9 patch options. Like these.After all these months of creating 12x12 inch square quilts, it's somewhat disconcerting to realize that "12" does not lend itself to square in any kind of a symmetrical grid.

A dozen eggs keep popping into my head, but not in any creative way. I've also been thinking about 12 months which has lots of potential, but I like the idea of doing a seasonal quilt in four sections rather than twelve. So, that doesn't really fit.

I think I actually need to do some real research. The bolt of inspiration doesn't seem to be coming on it's own.


Terri Stegmiller said...

I've got three ideas going on in my head. I've sketched two of those out and I wish I had the time to actually make all three to see with I like best...sigh, no such luck in the time department.

Terry said...

My initial thought was also a dozen eggs. I could envision something very serene, with wonderful pale eggy colors, but then I had this other idea, and I'm all over it.

Good luck with the inspiration part.It's the biggest hurdle.

Carol said...

Make the middle square a four patch and voila - 12 blocks :)