Monday, August 17, 2009

A Celebration of Passion

I'm sure all our readers will join the Twelves in sending hugs and very best wishes to Kirsten as she celebrates the opening day of her new Pompom Rouge Craft Studio and Shop at:

605 Flinders Street West, Townsville
Queensland 4810, Australia
Phone/Fax + 64 7 4724 2268

So if you are ever in Far North Queensland, a very beautiful part of the world, be sure to pop into Pompom Rouge.

Irrepressible by Brenda Gael Smith
PS: This piece is called "Irrepressible. I made it for the "Passion" theme, which was set by Kirsten. It has a very festive, celebratory air.


Terry said...

I think this a group of very accomplished women! I am wishing Kirstin, not only financial success, but the joy of creating something from the ground up. I know you will be a success on all levels!

susan said...

Kristen -
I am new to Twelve by Twelve, and am really enjoying your pieces! Your colorful circle and now this is very lively, fun and inspiring! Keep up the great work, and congratulations on your new venture!

Anonymous said...

It fills me with wonder, this Internet world! To think I have never met any of you face to face and yet I feel your support and encouragement so strongly. Thank you! Kirsty xxxx

RoseMary said...

I find all of your work, (I mean the 12 of you) compiling and wanting to do something like this myself.
It would be wonderful to find 11 more people like minded. You all are very lucky in being able to come together and do something like this. I can't find 3 other people who would want to do something like this, that could work together.
But it is something I could do on my own, when I have the time.