Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Progress Too

After reading Helen's progress, I thought I'd share mine. After our first quilt, you know, the one where I had a sudden idea early on and then pondered if I had spent enough time researching, sketching, and developing? Well the exact same thing has happened to me again. As happened last time, I didn't think of the idea immediately after learning our theme word. But I didn't spend countless hours in thought and research either. One day, it hit me...deja vu? So the day it hit me, I got out my sketchpad and drew out my idea. I've been looking at my idea off an on as it hangs on my design wall. So far I still like it and I hope I can do it justice when it comes time to create it. Oh......and I'm sooooo glad we have extra time to get this one done.


Gerrie said...

You and Helen have piqued my curiousity. I have been doing a lot of Holiday Chocolate research, but my ideas fo my challenge piece are few and far between!!

Diane!! I am trying to use the new identity - Any OpenID. Is it turned on in settings?