Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Brenda and Diane in California

No, it's not the most flattering picture of either of us, but it IS proof that Brenda and I (and our husbands and my daughter) got to spend a lovely evening together last night! Brenda and David are in the US visiting family and friends for Christmas, and we are lucky that they have various friends in our area as well as a brew pub David particularly likes. (I steered Brenda toward my local fabric store, just a block away from the brewery, and I hear she managed to find a few pieces to take away with her...)

We enjoyed dinner and wine and lots of conversation. The subject of quilts came up, of course. We could have talked for ages and ages, I suspect.

It was lovely.

And to all of you 12x12 buddies: you have an open invitation to dinner (and accomodations if you don't mind family and animals) if you make your way to Sonoma County!


Brenda said...

We could do "Twelve by Twelve: the Grand Tour"! but, seriously, it was a delight to meet Diane and her family at her home. We were so immersed in talking that I didn't realise that it got so late - on a school night too. You will find a slightly more flattering photo on my blog here

PS: See Erica's blog for a nice story about chocolate and friendship.

Helen Conway said...

On my way Dinae. Will be there in around march 2012 when we hit California on our planned 'globe trip'! (Maybe earlier if Dennis retires earlier) I will have been to Brenda's on the way around the world