Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blooming windows!

No, I am not swearing, although I'm tempted to given the woeful state of my efforts for this challenge so far. Rather, this is a mini-tutorial by way of a belated response to Susan Brubaker Knapp who inquired about how School Windows was constructed. This piece uses a technique known as "blooming". These are the steps:
  • Layer 3 or 4 fabric squares evenly on top of each other. Iron flat.
  • Mark and stitch a grid through all the layers leaving a 1/2in margin all around the edges (shown in the clickable photo below but not in the diagram).
  • Using sharp, pointed scissors, cut a cross "X" in each small square. Be careful not to snip through the stitching lines.
  • Lay the panel over another fabric square and stitch over the grid lines again.
  • Fluff up the layers with a nailbrush. Loose weave fabrics have an extra shaggy effect.


Kristin L said...

I have a ruck sack made using this technique. It's a wonderful look, wears well, and I get compliments every time I go out with it.

Lisa Chin said...

Very fun. Kind of the same technique you use to make fake chenille.

PAMELA said...

Your quilt is like a lot of little peepholes looking inwards to something delicious. Such a simple idea with a complex feel.