Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three Twelves in Portland

After teaching and exhibiting in Paducah, I am spending a few days in the Pacific Northwest to celebrate my 30 year anniversary as a high school exchange student to Sunnyside, Washington State. Time constraints meant I could only wave to Nikki across Puget Sound but I was able to meet up with Terry and Gerrie in Portland.

The train ride from Seattle to Portland was very scenic and I felt like I was living Nikki's BrownSageBlue Colourplay quilt. Coming into Portland, Big Pink dominated the horizon. (Alas Mt Hood, from Terry's BlueWhiteBlack quilt, stayed hidden.)

Terry whisked me away for dinner with her husband, Gerrie and Mr C before entrusting me with her sanctuary/studio where I had the best night's sleep this week.
We met up again at Gerrie's the next day and, after much oohing and aahing over quilts, ventured downtown for the cultural experience of Portland food trucks.
I got to indulge my longing for true Mexican food and the sun appeared on cue (albeit getting into Gerrie's eyes too).
Then we made a pilgrimage to Powell's bookstore where we found our book Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge and did what any self-respecting authors would do - we pulled it out, placing it front and centre and snapped some photos.
A truly heartwarming 22 hours in Portland. Thank you Terry and Gerrie!