Friday, April 26, 2013

Join Deborah in a Webinar!

I am really excited to tell you about a webinar I am hosting with Quilting Arts next week.

It's Tuesday, April 30 at 1 pm Easter, but you don't necessarily have to attend live... I know not everyone is free during the day (or during the night for those in other parts of the world). You can still register and just download the event and listen and watch whenever you want.

I'll be talking about all kinds of unexpected materials that you can use in art quilts... including foil candy wrappers like I used in my quilt for our Chocolate theme.

Have you ever participated in a webinar? It's a new endeavor for me and for Quilting Arts. Participants will view a digital slide show on their computers that I will be live-streaming from my computer. (Oh the power of technology!) I'll be talking about my artwork, showing tons of examples and sharing techniques and tips.

I've had a great time preparing for this project. Here's an example of one of the small collages I created for the webinar. It's called Metro Grid. Can you guess what "unexpected materials" I used?

I think the webinar is going to be super fun and if it fits your interest and pocketbook, I'd love to have you join me! It is so amazing to know that our 12x12 project has reached people all over the world and this webinar is a pretty cool opportunity to connect and learn more about how I create my artwork and some of my tips and ideas about creativity... even though we might never be in the same place.

Plus... all participants are going to get an awesome discount code to use in future Interweave purchases.

I'm also eager to hear what unexpected materials you've used in your artwork!


Renate said...

If I had to guess Deborah, I'd say you used tile spacers and drywall tape in your art piece sample for the webinar.