Sunday, March 24, 2013

Brenda @ AQS Quilt Week: Paducah (24-27 April)

AQS QuiltWeek™  in Paducah, Kentucky, USA is coming up next month from 24-27 April 2013. On Wednesday, 24 April (12-1pm), Brenda will be presenting a lecture Adventures & Inspiration from An International Art Quilt Challenge. She will be sharing insights and images along with a selection of quilts "in the real".

Brenda Gael SmithAlso Brenda will be presenting informal floor talks for the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition and teaching the following classes:
Pre-registrations close this week. By all accounts, Paducah has a festive atmosphere throughout Quilt Week.  Brenda looks forward catching up with some of her US friends and making lots of new friends too!