Thursday, July 26, 2012

Del Meets the Twelve by 12 Quilts

Tonight I attended the preview night for IQF Long Beach and got to see our wonderful array of quilts again. It still knocks my socks off. I found Del Thomas, our angel, at the Visions Gallery table. I was so excited to see her and the quilts together. She had taken a quick look at our quilts and will spend more time with them tomorrow as she was on duty for Visions all night.

Here is a long shot (sort of) of the show. The quilts are in one long row with a divider between the theme set and the color set.

I missed having other twelves with me. I hung out when I saw a group gathering. I got the wonderful comments - like best thing at the show. Several had purchased our book and were excited to see them.

I am looking forward to seeing Terry and Karen tomorrow. I hope to get a photo of us with Del.


Brenda Gael Smith said...

Gerrie, thank you for being our ambassador on opening night at IQF Long Beach. It's great to see Del and our collection together. I look forward to more reports!

Kristin L said...

Thank you for reporting in for those of us who could not be there! Know that we are there in spirit with you and Del and Gerrie and Karen though. :-)

Rabid Quilter from CA said...

I flew to the Long Beach show just to see the 12 X 12 exhibit. After years of reading your inspiring blogs and reading your book cover to cover, I was still blown away standing in front of these amazing works of art. Thank you, thank you all!