Friday, December 10, 2010

Organza in Eggplant Theme Colors

I have been thinking I would like to make my piece from silk organza. Today I found these 3 at the Mill Ends store near me. The wine color is winier than it looks in this photo. I may mix these with some dupioni. At any rate, being in the bleak midwinter, I am enjoying these colors very much.

I love the women who work in the fashion fabric section of this store, and they were very curious about what I was doing with the fabric. I think I will have to take the finished piece back for them to see.

My brother-in-law in New York has only days left and I don't know when I might need to take off to go there. Thought I better get a plan going for this.


Karen said...

I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and your family, Gerrie. This time of year can be stressful enough without the worry of travel under sad circumstances.

Tiffany On A Stick said...

Is there Mill Ends stores everywhere? I live in Vancouver, Washington and there is one there. I will be moving though to Texas and wondered if there is one in Tyler or Dallas? I am sorry for your family in this time also.