Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's in your button jar?

At last I've settled on a subject for my "identity" quilt and one of my ideas may involve these:

Then again, it might also involve washers and other metal things. What do you use to attach things onto your quilts?


PAMELA said...

An inexpensive item I like to use is Thread Heaven to sew items on art-quilts. Not only sews smoothly (no knots or tangles) - it is very very strong. Comes in variety of colours - the taupe is my favourite. Brenda I bought this from Fiona Hammond but it may be available from Spotlight ?? and if not then from bead shops.

I havent glued anything (yet) to a quilt so cant comment on that practice. Items can be pressed into melted glue (from gluegun) then painted - these may be made so that they can be attached (sewn) to fabric. A little complicated due to paint-type applied but I can give you further details if this interests you.

Good luck - your idea looks interesting.