Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Math -- it's like being in school

My Maths quilt is looking less like pattern drafting and more like a research paper.

I spent a good part of today reading and searching for numbers to illustrate the concept of my quilt. I was pleased to see that at least I had appropriate fabrics in my stash (this is why I won't get rid of ANY fabric -- I've had these for 15 years!).


Gerrie said...

Those are fabulous. So Kristin! Do I have a month to worry about this?

Deborah Boschert said...

That pen looks VERY familiar!

(And inside joke between military families and other US government workers.)

Kristin L said...

Don't get too worried Gerrie, I've got a concept, but I'm still unclear as to how I'm going to pull it off.

Deborah -- wow, I didn't realize how specific those pens were, but yeah, you're right. So, how many are lurking in your house?