Friday, January 14, 2011

New Colors!

I am thrilled to announce our new palette:

Brown, Sage and Blue
Honestly, I was first drawn to this color palette in my kids' orthodontist's office. The interior design incorporated these colors and I thought they were a very interesting and somewhat surprising combo.

Considering that many of us had trouble with the dark hues from the Eggplant palette, I didn't want you to feel like this was another collection of dark colors. So, please feel free to explore everything from light to dark.

Here is another view of my paint chips with the light ends up.
Some of the color names on these chips are inspiring... fudge bar, melted chocolate, grape leaves, blueberry path.

I wish we could all sit together in our studios, go through our stashes and share some color-inspired snacks!


Brenda Gael Smith said...

Such a restful, breezy palette.

Karen said...

Fudge bar and melted chocolate are very inspirational

Kristin L said...

I definitely second that Karen!

Chantel said...

I can see summery tones AND wintery tones - looking forward to this one!

Unknown said...

If I can make the blue a teal blue, and the brwon very light these are the colours of the three dowstairs rooms we will have decorated very, very soon (Yipee!)